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Downloads:  Listed below you will find a concise reference to many providers of test simulation software for various computing certifications - each of which provide free evaluation versions of their various tests.

Guaranteed certification
MCP magazine
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Examware Downloads:
If you are studying for any of the Windows 95 operating system examinations then we invite you to try a free evaluation version of Examware for Windows 95, which includes over 900 quality questions. We're sure that you'll be impressed. Links listed below, with the exception of the Examware link, will open up a new window to the requested site. More exam software links.
GoTo : Examware for Windows 95
Examware for Windows 95 includes over 900 questions and many advanced features not found in most other simulation test software. Find out more about Examware for Windows 95. You may also now purchase Examware licenses on-line, using the latest, secure real-time processing technology.
GoTo : Troy Technologies USA
MCSE, A+, CCNA, and Network+ Guaranteed Study Guides. The one Certification Study Guide that gives you everything you need to pass the exams. No need to purchase anything else or attend expensive training. Be ready to take your exam in three days.
GoTo : Transcender
Widely used and recognized throughout the computing community as being amongst the leaders in training software, Transcender offers you many questions to download with their demo software. The demo's cover many different exams, from SQL to Visual Basic and more, and are separated into their respective MCSE and MCSD categories. The following link will take you to the Transcender Product Demos
GoTo : Microsoft PEP tests
The Microsoft PEP tests are developed by Self Test Software Inc, and they include questions for approximately twenty different tests. You can also find lots of other free certification related downloads at Microsoft too, including free training downloads, exam information and more.
GoTo : QuickCert
Various tests from Specialized Solutions Inc, which give you 40 questions for each topic. You will need to register before being able to download the demo.
GoTo : Boson Software
Lots of free practice tests here for you to download from Boson Software, covering a wide range of certifications, including A+, Novell, Compaq to name but a few. The free demos include 8 questions each, and then if you like you can register for the full versions on-line. There are also many other great certification resources on this site too. Well worth the visit.
GoTo : VFX Technologies
VFX Technologies is pleased to provide free evaluation copies of EndeavorX, MCP Endeavor and CNE Endeavor to the networking community.
GoTo : LanCircuit Inc
LanCircuit Inc. is committed to providing high quality, affordable training to individuals and companies. Our programs ensure that LanCircuit clients are qualified to implement and maintain modern, complex technology. Download 120 MCSE questions.
GoTo : Trier® Software Inc
Offers 13 review tests, including Microsoft NT Server, SQL Server, TCP/IP for NT, Exchange Server, and Internet Server.
GoTo : Mind Refresh
Mind Refresh! comes with these sample questions : "MS Network Essentials", "Windows NT Server 4.0", "Netware 3.x to 4.x upgrade" and "Cisco Routers".
GoTo : Test Out! Corp
The TestOut! CD-ROM Demo features highlights of TestOut! Corporation's products for MCSE and CNE certification. You will need to call Test Out! in order for them to send you the demo.
GoTo : Microsoft Office User Specialist Program
The practice exams give you the "look and feel" of actual MOUS exams, but they do not reflect actual duration and number of questions - still a handy resource though.
GoTo : Hewlett Packard (HPSTAR tests)
Practice Test Study aids that will prepare you to take the HPSTAR certification tests. There are currently ten practice tests available to download, in subjects ranging from "Network Printing" to "NetServer Advanced Optimization & Tuning".
GoTo : ForeFront
ForeFront offers you a free disk containing demos of several ForeFront Direct Courses. Courses on the disk include: MCSE, CNE, A+, Cisco, Java, Visual Basic and many more! In order to receive the disk then you will of course need to register your details with them. Go to registration page.
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GoTo : Find a Microsoft Course 
Search Microsoft's certification and training resources to find exactly the kind of courses that you would like to study for - from Word to TCP/IP, - they're all in here.
GoTo : Recommended Software: AceFTP 
AceFTP is a great program that allow users to transfer files from their system to an Internet Server. Includes advanced options, such as connecting to several servers at the same time and integrated browser allowing viewing of all your files.
GoTo : Amazon.com 
Amazon has an enviable selection of many things, but the Certification Central section is a must, with study guides and software for just about every exam imaginable - go to Certification Central
GoTo : 32BIT.COM 
Get all the latest freeware, shareware and free demos for Windows! Sections include Business Software, Educational Software, System Utilities and many more. Also, find help for all of your Windows questions in the discussion forums or get the latest tech news and more, all at 32BIT.COM!
GoTo : Sylvan Prometric
Sylvan Prometric is a worldwide distribution network for computer based testing services. Sylvan Prometric has more than 1,200 testing centers serving 80 countries around the globe, and implements not only Microsoft tests, but many more besides.

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